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How have I helped clients reach their goals and innovate their sales and marketing!

Jenny Långström - Partner Technology Manager - Microsoft

Sara is a true inspiration when it comes to driving digital sales transformation.

She knows how B2B-businesses as well as a B2B salesforce works best and can put that knowledge into practice and optimize every step.

Through her insights into complex and social selling, Sara actively contribute with recommendations and advice on how a traditional sales department can create better relationships with customer and prospects - to generate leads and close more business.

Mathias Thulin - CEO - GetAccept

I had the pleasure to work with Sara at ProspectEye/Apsis when Lead Generation/Marketing Automation was about to be defined in Sweden.

Already back then her passion for Marketing and Sales was strong and now her skills are deep and senior.

Sara is a fantastic sales executive and has a great sense of business development and how to make people develop their skills and courage!

Knut-Magnar Aanestad - Head of Innovation - Kluge Advokatfirma AS

I've had the pleasure of exchanging knowledge and developing innovative business ideas with Sara.

With her creative mindset and unique insight into both business and technology, she can make good ideas into ingenious plans that stand a great chance of reaching the market and become real business innovations.

I see that her broad specter of knowledge will bring value and acceleration to many B2B-companies and partners in the future.

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I work with amazing consultants for different types of projects, streamlining development, solutions, sales and marketing process. Meet a few in my tribe!!

Sara Larsen

Head of Business Development - Vainu

I work with clients who wishes to increase and accelerate B2B sales and marketing results.

I am also full time employed by a Saas company called Vainu.

Martina Klingvall Holmström

Martina Klingvall Holmström

Founder and CEO of Telness

Martina founded Telness 2016 -
The first digital mobile operator for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.

Telness is number 1 on Trustpilot of all operators in Sweden and got nominations and awards 2018 for The launch of the year, The digitalisation of the year and The distruptor of the year.

Telness also have 50/50 gender equality in board and management team!

Martina supports in workshops about culture, innovation, growing companies and IT-solution businesses.


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